1. How do I arrange my taxi transfers for my upcoming training?

We have a partnership with BC Service. Send us your flight number and we will arrange everything for you.

2. I come by plane. Where is the pickup location in Brussels Airport?

In Brussels Airport the taxi driver will be standing in the waiting area (right after the luggage collection site) in front of the Stella Artois Café. If you were to be unable to find the taxi driver, this is the phone number of the taxi service: +32 494 24 72 24

3. I come by train. Where is the pickup location in Bruxelles Midi/Brussel Zuid?

In Bruxelles Midi/Brussel Zuid the taxi driver will pick you up at “Sam’s Café”. If you were to be unable to find the taxi driver, this is the phone number of the taxi service: +32 494 24 72 24

4. What is the transportation fee for the taxi transfers?

Transfers between the airport and your hotel/Orsi Academy need to be paid by the participant. (+/- €95) Transfers between your hotel and Orsi Academy/OLV Hospital are paid by us.

5.  First day of the course. How late is my pick up at the hotel?

If you’re attending an Intuitive course, the taxi driver will pick you up at 8.00.

If you’re attending an Orsi course, the taxi driver will pick you up at 8.15 or at 7.15 if you’re going to the OLV Hospital that day (case-observations).

6. In which hotel can I stay?

We have partnerships with 3 hotels.

Let us know which one you prefer and we will arrange everything for you.

  • Sandton Reylof Hotel (€154 /night, 4 stars)
  • NH Hotel Belfort (€150/night, 4 starts)
  • Marriott Ghent (€152/night, 4 stars)
  • Holiday Inn Express (€102/night, 3 stars)

7. I have diet restrictions. Can that be taken into account?

Sure. Just e-mail us your special needs and we will take it into account.

8. We have a confirmed visit coming up. Can we come to Melle by public transport?

No, unfortunately it’s very difficult to reach us by public transport. The nearest train station is a 35min walk. We strongly advise you to come by car or taxi. 

9. What is Orsi’s VAT-number?

BE08 2914 7981

10. Who takes care of the anaesthesia of our lab animals and how do we provide adequate analgesia?

Orsi Academy works with a team of veterinarians and animal care takers that are continuously trained and experienced in the field. All Orsi staff members working with laboratory animals are certified in laboratory animal science. Each animal is handled in a way to avoid pain and distress. For each project, we aim to provide a specific, multi modal analgesia protocol considering the calibre of the surgery as well as the expected pain intensity. For more information about the anaesthesia protocol ask for a flyer at the info desk. 

11. Which restaurants are suggested for dinner?

We can recommend several restaurants. 

  • Publiek: In 'Publiek'* you can eat upgraded traditional dishes with both every day and forgotten ingredients, represented in original one Michelin star combo's. (+32 9 330 04 86) 
  • Belga Queen: In 'Belga Queen', the Belgian cuisine is adapted to today's taste. Lightened and given a very national touch through the addition of beer to numerous dishes. It's located at the famous Graslei where you can stroll along the channels untill late in the evening. (+32 9 280 01 00)
  • Pakhuis: In 'Pakhuis' you get overwhelmed by the huge space that exudes the atmosphere of the former warehouse. Next to that, the overall European food is brilliant. (+32 9 223 55 55)
  • Café Theatre: The stately buildings of the Royal Opera are the decor of the lively restaurant and bar. At the restaurant, you can choose a fast or slow service. A nice fact about the menu: the beef tartar has been awarded the best of Flanders. (+32 9 265 05 50)

12. Which bars are suggested for evening drinks?

  • Dreupelkot is a little cozy place with more than 200 flavors of jenever. Jenever is the juniper-flavored national and traditional liquor of the Netherlands and Belgium, from which gin originated. Tip: Order a Vanillejenever. 
  • Het Waterhuis aan de Bierkant is a typical authentic Belgian bar. Overlooking the local canals, you can try more than 100 brands of beer here. Tip: Order a Klokke Roelandt.
  • Dulle Griet is a place where you can taste the world famous Belgian 'trappist' beers or try the hidden treasures of unknown breweries. The traditional Flemish interior in combination with the largest collection of Belgian beer in Ghent makes the 'Dulle Griet' a must-visit. Tip: Order a Kwak.
  • Palenque is a bar of Latin-American style, where you can discover the delights of this content: beers and wines, both classic cocktails and more inventive mixes and delicious spirits all from Latin-America with a focus on Rum and Mezcal. Tip: Order a Pisco Sour


Orsi Academy has its own e-learning platform, centralizing the best of existing educational content and making it accessible for approved users.

Step-by-step videos with explanatory textual information are provided in the video-library next to didactic material. Proctors can push specific content to course participants prior to the course or allow alumni to consult course material later on in their career. Next to these sections, links to a wide variety of discipline-specific literature can be found on the platform.

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