In the 21st century, the age of globalisation and innovation, it’s important to widen your view. We live in a time where everything becomes more technological and medicine is no exception to this. To keep up with all these advancements and innovations, Orsi Academy has launched a new project: Junior Orsi.

The Junior Orsi board consists of enthusiastic medical students from KU Leuven and UGent. The goal of Junior Orsi is to introduce (bio-)medical-, veterinary- and engineering-students to the innovative and surprising side of the healthcare sector.

We try to do this by forming a network in which experienced doctors, engineers and developers meet each other to discuss innovative projects. In this way it’s possible to trigger students to improve medical care in the future. We create a think-tankcomposed of young, open minds to bring medicine and technology together through robotic surgery courses, readings, company visits, presentations and brainstorm sessions.

For more information about Junior Orsi, feel free to e-mail your questions to junior.orsi@orsi.be.




There are two types of membership. 

1. An associate

There is no selection. You can attend 90% of the events (congress, kick-off, hackathon etc). The communication will go by email. You only need to send an email with your name, area of study and year and the confirmation that you would like to become an associate.

2. A member

Active concrete cooperation is expected. You will be part of a workgroup and become an important factor in the structure of Junior Orsi. The places are limited so CV and motivation letter will be required. Some events will be strictly organized for members or priority will be offered to those few.

The application procedure consists of two rounds.

First round. We would like to know why you are interested in medical innovation and why you would be a valuable addition to Junior Orsi. Send us your CV and motivational letter.

Language: English (Deadline: 28th of October 2018)

Second Round. Poster competition. This is a presentation about a new medical device/software/... that you consider as valuable innovation. More information will follow once you've received the confirmation that you've passed the first round.

Language: English (Deadline: 10th of November 2018)


Send all required information to junior.orsi@orsi.be. 

Looking forward welcoming you to the team!


Orsi Academy has its own e-learning platform, centralizing the best of existing educational content and making it accessible for approved users.

Step-by-step videos with explanatory textual information are provided in the video-library next to didactic material. Proctors can push specific content to course participants prior to the course or allow alumni to consult course material later on in their career. Next to these sections, links to a wide variety of discipline-specific literature can be found on the platform.

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