Jana recently graduated from the Artevelde Hogeschool as a communication manager.

In the occasion of Orsi’s expansion, she joined the company as our travel and hospitality officer. In this position she arranges everything regarding transfers, lunches and accommodation for the visitors. Her mission is to guarantee that every visitor experiences a fluent trip to our institute and back. 

Have a look at Jana's LinkedIn page for detailed information. 



Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie is the chief executive officer of Orsi Academy and in charge of the further development of the center.

luc veramma

Luc is the chief operating officer of Orsi Academy. His main focus is the long-term growth of the activities. Currently, this means he is leading the construction project of the new campus.

korneel vandenbroucke

Korneel Vandenbroucke

General Manager

Korneel is the general manager of Orsi Academy. This means he basically coordinates and supervises everything and everyone. 


kevin bauwens

Kevin Bauwens

Process Manager Surgery Rooms

Kevin is an engineer with a high interest in minimally invasive surgery. He coordinates and supervises the lab activity in Orsi Academy. 

hannah kiss

Hannah Kiss

Data Manager

Hannah is the datamanager for robot-assisted urological surgeries performed at the OLV Hospital. She is also in charge of the submission of clinical studies to the ethical committee.


Jeroen Huygens

Industrial Engineer & Prevention Advisor

Jeroen is an industrial engineer who is both part of the data management team and the anesthesiology team. He's also Orsi's prevention advisor. 

naomi terriere

Naomi Terriere

Veterinarian & Online Content Manager

Naomi is our veterinarian and online content manager. This means she takes care of the anesthetized animals during the hands-on trainings and manages all online activities of Orsi Academy. 

jana zoom

Jana Standaert

Hospitality & Travel Officer

Jana is our travel & hospitality officer. She arranges everything regarding transfers, lunches and accommodation for the visitors.

justin zoom

Dr. Justin Collins

Medical Director

Dr. Justin Collins is our Medical Director. He will contribute to the advancement of robotic training curricula in multiple specialties, that builds on the current gold standard, validated training courses.


Andries is a medical student of the KU Leuven interested in technology & innovative medicine.


Marieke François

Veterinarian & Innovation Support

Marieke is a veterinarian who is responsible for the anesthesiology of the lab animals. Next to this, she's a supporting member of the R&D department.


Rita Lootens

Facility Manager

Rita is Orsi's site coördinator. She manages the overall facility set-up and makes sure your visit to Orsi is worthwile. 


Orsi Academy has its own e-learning platform, centralizing the best of existing educational content and making it accessible for approved users.

Step-by-step videos with explanatory textual information are provided in the video-library next to didactic material. Proctors can push specific content to course participants prior to the course or allow alumni to consult course material later on in their career. Next to these sections, links to a wide variety of discipline-specific literature can be found on the platform.

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