ORSI academy wins prestigious European price ‘RegioStars award’ 2019

On Wednesday the 9th of October, professor Alexandre Mottrie (CEO of ORSI academy) and Mr. Werner Van den Stockt (ERDF management authority for Flanders) received the prestigious RegioStars award 2019 in the category ‘Modernizing health services’.

With this yearly RegioStars award, the European Commission wants to express their appreciation for the most innovative regional projects, co-financed by the EU. At the same time the award serves as an inspiration for other EU-region’s and project managers and will also put the Award Projects in the EU spotlights on all media.

The RegioStars are given in 5 thematic categories: Promoting digital transformation; Connecting green, blue and grey; Combatting inequalities and poverty; Building climate-resilient cities and a special category for 2019 ‘Modernizing health services’.

ORSI academy is a center for robotic surgery training partly financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) and the Flemish Government. The Centre is situated along the E40 in Melle (East-Flanders). The new infrastructure of 5500 m2, offers the newest technology in robotic surgery training. Since ORSI Academy is amongst the world’s best, it attracts surgeons from all over the globe who will be able to refine their skills.

The granting of the Regiostars award 2019 is not only a recognition of the high level of expertise in the field of health care, a sector of high importance to Flanders, by the European Commission. It will also serve as a stimulus to the further expansion of the technology, in cooperation with the University of Ghent, The Catholic University of Leuven and other knowledge institutions.

ORSI Academy received 5.8 million EUR from the European Regional Development Fund and 1.45 million EUR from the Flemish Government.

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or please contact: Mr. Philippe Rousseau (Flemish ERDF communication officer),
e-mail philippe.rousseau@vlaio.be , phone +0032(02) 553 37 07



Orsi Academy has its own e-learning platform, centralizing the best of existing educational content and making it accessible for approved users.

Step-by-step videos with explanatory textual information are provided in the video-library next to didactic material. Proctors can push specific content to course participants prior to the course or allow alumni to consult course material later on in their career. Next to these sections, links to a wide variety of discipline-specific literature can be found on the platform.

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