The medical field is an area that benefits tremendously from the rapid evolution of technology. To increase their visibility, flexibility and accuracy, surgeons can utilize these cutting edge surgical technologies. Additionally, surgeons can practice difficult procedures in simulated environments, use ‘big data’ guidance tools and overlay imaging information. However, to implement these techniques safely and efficiently, new technology specific knowledge needs to be added to the existing set of traditional clinical skills. When the learning curve that comes with this can be mastered in a safe and structured environment, both the surgeon and his/her patients benefit from this. Via our tried and tested methods, every patient is treated by a confident and experienced surgeon who is trained for both standard procedures and (rare) emergency situations.  



Before a medical device or surgical technique can be used on human patients, it needs to be tested, finetuned and proven safe and beneficial. Now more than ever, this is also expected from the medical professionals operating new technological devices.
Through extensive scientific research, the required skills and levels of competence have been identified and training needs have been defined and optimised. In order to get the whole professional community to a proficient level (and not just the few ‘natural talents’), structured and standardised training is required. It is the standardisation that enables competency levels to be accurately gauged. All training pathways that Orsi Academy develops are pre- and post-tested via performance scores and patient outcome data. The results of these studies allow our training programs to be validated and accredited by the relevant bodies, such as the EAU (European Association of Urology), NASCE (Network of Accredited Skills Center in Europe) and ESPU (European Society for Pediatric Urology).

Orsi has an open and inclusive policy with industry. Through industry collaborations, we aspire to help optimize the use of new technologies and surgical techniques in the training lab and also introduce our alumni to the latest surgical innovations available. We aim to continue to build on our experience, continuously improve and evolve our training programs. To help us achieve these ambitions, Orsi Academy has signed collaborations with the two largest universities in Belgium, University of Ghent and Catholic University of Leuven, to collaborate operationally, academically and financially in further developing these leading training curricula. We furthermore have a 'memorandum of understanding' with the scientific societies ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine) and the SERGS (Society of European Robotic Gynaecological Surgery) to improve the education of relevant specialists. 


In this philosophy of inclusivity and peer-to-peer learning, our local faculty enables the clinical key opinion leaders of the different fields to share their knowledge, tips and tricks with colleagues who are seeking expert training. The expert is supported in creating training around his specialty surgery for a target group of beginner or advanced robotic surgeons. Our local scientific faculty supports the set-up and promotion of the course. This results in a scientific agenda of the highest possible level delivered by world renowned experts offering their knowledge and unique insights.

Next to this, Orsi Academy facilitates industry-driven training by allowing companies to set-up demonstrations and training in our facility.  Under our support, industry can assemble a course being fully responsible for the content. Through these industry collaborations, we can not only train locally but also introduce our alumni to the latest surgical technologies and techniques available. 

Orsi Academy is a network of people who are passionate about improving the best practices in minimally invasive surgery. In this ‘bruising melting pot’, healthcare professionals, the medical devices industry and academics strengthen each other, rather than working in isolation. The key is to work together, benefiting from each other’s insights, knowledge and expertise in a multi-disciplinary work environment. We support and welcome everybody who shares these values, regardless of their alma mater, signature, political conviction or employer. 


In order for a technology to help its operator rather than annoy or hinder him/her, the operator needs to be trained to work at a subconscious level regarding the buttonology and limitations of the system. Without the need to stop and think about how to control the device. The surgeon needs to feel comfortable controlling the machine, allowing him/her to fully concentrate on the specific needs of the patient on his operating table. Sufficient hands-on training is the only way to achieve this. Therefore, the Orsi Academy training programs are designed to maximize the hands-on time with the devices. Theory, step-by-step videos and all relevant background information are available on the online e-learning platform. Where they can be studied, reflected on and learned prior to and reviewed after the course, to enable the participants to work in the labs as much as possible.



Orsi Academy has access to a wide variety of training models. During the courses, participants work on different models as they progress along the learning curve. From basic skills tests on the simulator, plastic anatomical pelvic & thoracic models, 3D printed models, isolated organs to dry-lab animal models. Finally, we have a team of veterinarians and animal caretakers providing guidance during training programs on anesthetized porcine models. In advanced specialty courses, human cadaver workshops can be arranged.

3D Kidney


Orsi Academy has its own e-learning platform, centralizing the best of existing educational content and making it accessible for approved users.

Step-by-step videos with explanatory textual information are provided in the video-library next to didactic material. Proctors can push specific content to course participants prior to the course or allow alumni to consult course material later on in their career. Next to these sections, links to a wide variety of discipline-specific literature can be found on the platform.

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