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Read about our independent R&D strategy towards the realisation of innovative surgical training programs and medical technologies.

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Learn more about our facilities, including the rental opportunities. Get to know the staff, our board and discover the benefits of getting involved with our upcoming start-up hub. 

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An overview of the different courses. Bookings are made via Invivox. 

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CTA - Strategy


Our philosophy, approach and regulation to training with different training models, including information about the innovative Orsi InnoTech project.

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What is happening at Orsi Academy? What is happening in the robotic surgery world? 

Latest news

Orsi Academy presents the high-end virtual reality simulator Eyesi® Surgical of VRmagic at the facility. With this simulator for intraocular surgery, Orsi Academy expands their training offering for cataract surgery training.

We are happy to announce our partnership with CMR Surgical. The integration of the Versius® Surgical Robotic System into our training programmes provides a new opportunity for surgeons across the world to access robotic surgery training.

Dear team,

I would like to thank the entire team involved in the ORSI robotic skills course. It was extremely well organised. The travel and transfers were completely hassle free! The team at ORSI institute were very patient and enthusiastic. (Thanks to all of them including the INTUITIVE members of staff). At the OLV it was a pleasure to meet Prof. Mottrie with his team and it was a delight to watch him operate! All in all it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you once again and keep up the great work!

Dr. Sarosh Janardanan
Robotic Fellow in Pelvic Oncology, UK

It is not difficult at all to be positive about our workshop at Orsi Academy! The location got a 5/5 score from all participants! It was very pleasant to work in the Orsi labs and meeting rooms and the support was perfect!

Prof. dr. Bernadette Van Ryssen
Director of Education, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UGent

I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Mottrie and the entire team of ORSI for helping me and our institute to take our first step towards a long term Robotic surgery program through the “Friends of ORSI” initiative.

Dr. Rajay Kumar
surgical oncologist, India

When it comes professional development for medical practitioners and students within healthcare, Orsi Academy is leading the way, both offline and online. 

Putting together a passionate, enthusiastic and experienced team, lead by global names in robotic surgery, Orsi is designing programs that have set a new standard, and will continue to do so over the coming years, with the opening of the new facilities. 

Patrick Walsh, CEO 4health


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