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Lab facilities

We offer 1400 m² of multifunctional labs, fully customizable to your needs.
4 x 350 m² of highly equipped modular surgery space, incl. anesthesia equipment and premium AV installations for your trainings, preclinical trials or events.


Interested to organise your next training in our multifunctional labs? 
We are more than happy to help you with information & prices!


Contact our Booking Coordinator 

Opening hours surgery rooms

Monday - Friday          08h30-17h30*

Saturday                      08h30-17h30*

Sunday                        Upon request*

*Events outside business hours and on Saturday & Sunday must be requested and approved by Orsi Academy.
An extra fee can be charged for evening and weekend events.

Dry lab models

We offer a whole range of non-clinical training models:
simulators, dry lab training boxes, 3D printed models... 

Laboratory animals

Orsi Academy works with laboratory animals within the framework of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Ghent.  Thanks to our partnerships with universities,
our (animal) ethical committee work at the highest standards possible.

Cadaveric tissue

Thanks to our morgue installations &
cooperation with KU Leuven & UGent,
we have a stable offering of human cadaveric tissue.
We are also able to provide harvested animal organs or high-quality animal full cadavers.

Training labs

4 training labs

  • Cluster 1 | Hybrid imaging training lab
  • Cluster 2 | Training lab pre-reserved for Medtronic
  • Cluster 3 | Multi-specialty training lab
  • Cluster 4 | Training lab incl. Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci system


On request

  • CT-scan
  • Laparoscopic tower
  • C-arm
  • Echo machine
  • Live case observation
  • Faculty or proctor
  • Technician

Training models

Dry lab models

  • Simulator
  • Pelvic laparoscopic training box
  • 3D printed models
  • Plastic anatomical pelvic & thoracic models

Anesthetized animal models

  • Pig model
  • Sheep model
  • Other models on request


Animal cadaver models

  • Isolated animal organ model
  • Venezualan chicken model
  • Porcine full cadaver model
  • Canine full cadaver model

Human cadaver models

  • Torso
  • Head
  • Extremity
surgery rooms