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Shipment policy Orsi Academy

All deliveries, pick-ups and changes thereof have to be requested at least one working day before the planned delivery or pick-up through and are only valid after confirmation and after receiving a reference number by Orsi Academy. We ask you to apply this number on your shipment in an orderly & clear manner. If a request for the delivery or pick-up has been made too late or not at all, Orsi Academy will raise an administrational fine of €250, and a storage fee of €12,50/m³/24h.



All deliveries and pick-ups are allowed between 9.00 (AM) and 15.30 (PM). Earlier or later shipments will not be accepted. There is a strict timeframe that must be adhered to. The delivery, 72 hours before the training or the event starts, is free of charge, as well as the pick-up, 72 hours after the training or the event ends. A delivery earlier than 72 hours before the training or the event starts and a pick-up later than 72 hours after the training or event ends, is only allowed with the approval from the Orsi staff and has to be communicated through 


Mandatory information

The following mandatory information must be given for a delivery or pick-up request:

  • The full name, mail address & phone number of the contact person or business, also the business unit if it is applicable
  • Date of the event or training at Orsi Academy
  • Date and time of the delivery or pick-up
  • The description of the content:
    • Type & number of packages
    • Dimensions packages (height, length, width & weight)
  • The name of the courier service

After receiving these shipment details, the Orsi staff will provide you a reference number which should be displayed in a clear manner on the shipment itself.



The client has to arrange and prepare the deliveries and pick-ups and has final responsibility for this. The deliveries have to be delivery duty paid (DDP) and the courier is responsible for the loading and unloading of shipments. Please be aware that a forklift or dockyard is not available and that the door of the shipment bay has a height of 290 cm and a width of 207 cm.