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Our training methodology


At Orsi Academy, we aim to improve surgical outcomes for all patients through enhanced training & education. Developed by our Director of Research & Skills Development and with the help of a team of trusted educational specialists and key opinion leaders, we are able to understand and benchmark all surgical procedures.

Backed by key opinion leaders and scientific societies, we have proven that the proficiency-based progression (PBP) training methodology drastically reduces complications in modern surgery.

PBP Group of experts
  • Scientifically-validated

  • Objective

  • Constructive

  • Measurable

  • Shorter learning curve

If you do it properly, this approach to training produces performances that are 40 to 60% better than the traditional approach.

Prof. Dr. Anthony Gallagher, Director of Research & Skills Development Orsi Academy
PBP Skills lab

This transformative approach enables us to:

  1. Understand and benchmark surgical procedures in detail.

  2. Create an objective, standardized performance assessment.

  3. Train doctors and trainees in a safe, controlled environment, away from human patients.

Transparent & fair

assessment of the trainee

Shorter learning curve

for the trainee*

Safer surgery

for better patient outcomes

Scientifically proven

For a deeper understanding of the science supporting our innovative training methodology, you can access a comprehensive list of referenced scientific studies and research findings here.

Explore scientific backing