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Fund Friends of Orsi

In an era of innovation, Orsi Academy assumes a central role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Our primary focus lies in enhancing training & education, ultimately resulting in fewer complications and better patient outcomes.

But we can’t achieve our goals alone. Thanks to the support of ‘Friends of Orsi’, we can help young, aspiring medical professionals with the best training and education they need. We believe that the immense potential of modern medical equipment can only be harnessed when surgeons are proficient in their use.


However, to make these impactful initiatives a reality, we need substantial financial support
“Friends of Orsi” relies entirely on the generosity of sponsors, gifts and grants. 
Without your contributions, these life-changing endeavours would not be possible. 
Your support is not just an investment in our future; it's an investment in better, safer healthcare for all.

What will your donation be used for?

Friends of Orsi


Through 'Friends of Orsi', Orsi Academy wants to give every healthcare professional the opportunity to develop their skills. Although the operating costs for a fully equipped OR with medical equipment and an appropriate training model are high, Orsi Academy wants to keep the training courses accessible to every promising candidate, regardless of their financial strenght. Especially for young medical professionals from outside Europe, it is not easy to gather sufficient resources. Orsi Academy would therefore like to give them a helping hand.



OCERT stands for Orsi Consensus European Robotic Training and is part of Orsi Academy. Through OCERT, Orsi aims to create an inclusive ecosystem where all partners involved in robotic surgery debate & co-build the future of robotic surgery. This think-tank consists of European scientific organisations, academia, medtech industry, government representatives & insurance companies. Their mission is to co-create standardized, validated and certified training for robotic surgery with safer and more qualitative care as the ultimate goal.

Junior Orsi friends of orsi

Junior Orsi

Junior Orsi is an initiative of Orsi Academy for and by students. This organisation unites students of (veterinary) medicine, dentistry & engineering and introduces them to the innovative side of the healthcare sector through hands-on workshops, company visits and inspiring conferences and events.

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Thank you for supporting this important endeavor!

Through the fund, you donate with the certainty that your contribution will be spent correctly. Donations are made safely and securely through the King Baudouin Foundation, which manages the fund. Moreover, you can make a tax-friendly donation starting from €40.