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Scholarship & grants


Through 'Friends of Orsi', Orsi Academy wants to give every healthcare professional the opportunity to develop their skills. Although the operating costs for a fully equipped OR with medical equipment and an appropriate training model are high, Orsi Academy wants to keep the training courses accessible to every promising candidate, regardless of their financial strenght. Especially for young medical professionals from outside Europe, it is not easy to gather sufficient resources. Orsi Academy would therefore like to give them a helping hand.


Through the fund, you donate with the certainty that your contribution will be spent correctly. Donations are made quickly and securely through the King Baudouin Foundation, which manages the fund. Moreover, you can make a tax-friendly donation starting from €40.


Apply for a scholarship or grant

Aspiring participants who meet the criteria set by the "Friends of Orsi'" board can apply for a scholarship to cover (part of) the course fee.

  • The candidate must provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae.
  • The candidate must prove that he or she will have access to the technology or platform they are to be trained in (eg. robotic surgery) within 6 months after the training dates.
  • The candidate must acquire a letter of recommendation from his or her institute stating that he or she is eligible for the training course.
  • The candidate must disclose his or her monthly wage or the average monthly income, this income must be lower than €2500/month.
  • The candidate is not eligible for other types of financial support, such as grants by the professional society or sponsorships by industrial partners.


Please keep in mind that the fund's support is capped at 85% of the fee.