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6 advantages of robotic surgery for the patient & the surgeon

Orsi Academy offers robotic surgery training for surgeons all over the world. Using high-tech surgical instruments, surgeons are able to make tiny incisions and perform surgery with enhanced accuracy.

But next to this, do you know the benefits of robotic surgery for patients as well as for surgeons?

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Advantages robotic surgery
List of advantages of robotic surgery


  • Compared to conventional surgery, incisions are smaller to insert the tiny instruments & a camera for a magnified 3D view.
  • For many procedures, robotic surgery enhances precision & allows the surgeon to have better visualisation and control during surgery.
  • Acces to hard-to-reach areas in the human body. For complex procedures, the surgeon must perform with the greatest precision in areas of the body that are difficult to reach with traditional instruments. In prostatectomies, for example, it is crucial to do as little, and preferably no, damage to surrounding nerves or tissue as possible, to spare erectile and continental function. 
  • Lower risk of complications. The robotic arms also filter out vibrations of the surgeon's hands to reduce the chance of accidental punctures that can cause bleeding and infections.
  • Less trauma to the body results in less scarring and pain after the surgery.
  • Patients who had robotic surgery recover quicker and have a shorter hospital stay.