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Orsi Academy took the necessary measurements in order to ensure the safety of all persons entering our establishment. These mandatory guidelines, which are based upon expert advice and scientifically founded information, are introduced to provide a safe environment for both employees and visitors in the post-lockdown period by limiting the infection risk as much as possible.

Orsi Academy is a COVID-19 free zone. Via the strict application of the general precaution measures installed by the government of Belgium, we will keep infection and contamination out. To enforce this, a couple of fundamental actions are expected of each individual entering our premises:

  • Environmental control
  • Cough hygiene
  • Hand hygiene
  • Correct usage of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Also additional measures are mandatory:

  • Mouth/nose mask
  • Social distancing

Read Orsi Academy's corona policy over here:


Corona policy Orsi Academy


COVID-19 instructions