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EyeSi simulator

Virtual reality simulator Eyesi® Surgical permanently located at Orsi Academy

Eyesi simulator 2

Orsi Academy presents the high-end virtual reality simulator Eyesi® Surgical of VRmagic at the facility. With this simulator for intraocular surgery, Orsi Academy expands their training offering for cataract surgery training.

The simulator has been placed by Collegium Ophthalmologicum Belgicum (COB) in collaboration with the Belgian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (BSCRS) and the Belgisch Ophthalmologisch Gezelschap (BOG). It is intended for training of residents in ophthalmology to improve their surgical skills through simulation.

The integration of the Eyesi® Surgical into Orsi Academy training programmes provides a new opportunity for unexperienced surgeons. The highly realistic simulation of interaction with tissue in real-time increases trainees’ surgical experience without risk for patients. The pre-installed curriculum consists of repetitive practice of certain modules, which leads trainees step-by-step to proficiency in cataract surgery. (

A total of 38% fewer posterior capsule ruptures occurred in cataract operations performed by first and second year residents if they had access to Eyesi Surgical. 

As an inclusive medical training center, which supports surgical training away from the human patient, Orsi is the ideal setting for simulator training for residents in ophthalmology.