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Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals can learn to adopt the newest minimal invasive healthcare innovations via scientifically validated training programs endorsed by scientific societies and universities.

Medtech companies

Medtech companies

Medtech companies looking for facilities to organize a training or a preclinical test can charter (a part of the) 1400m² of multifunctional labs to set up dry or wet labs, 10 meeting rooms, a fully equipped green key studio and an auditorium for your on-site or virtual lectures.

Open & inclusive ecosystem

Orsi Academy is an independent institution that is endorsed by multiple universities and collaborates with numerous scientific societies and industrial partners. The infrastructure is constructed to allow these stakeholders to work together if appreciated but in full privacy if needed. Located near Ghent, Belgium, 50 km from Brussels, the capital of Europe.

dry lab models

Our training methodology

Get trained in an objective, transparent & evidence-based way which is more efficient with a shorter learning curve. With the ultimate goal of safer surgery.

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Surgical A.I. & Computer Vision

Driven by artificial intelligence & computer vision, we aim to improve training for surgeons with the ultimate goal to achieve better patient outcomes by safer & more patient-centered surgery. A guiding light for the next-generation surgeons.

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Want to be part of a dedicated team? Would you like to work in an international organisation
at the forefront of training in minimally invasive surgery?

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