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Surgical A.I.

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Artificial intelligence does not replace the surgeon, it perfects the surgeon!

Computer Vision

The key focus of our innovation department is utilizing computer vision to improve minimally invasive operations & procedures through automated surgical analysis and patient-specific modelling. In other words, we use artificial intelligence (AI), or more specific machine learning and deep learning techniques, to automatically analyze and interpret videos of operations. Next to this, we use similar techniques to generate 3D models which help in guiding the surgery.

These models, commonly generated by using patient's CT or MRI imaging data, are of high value for the surgeon before and during the surgery. Patient-specific pre- and intra-operative planning and guidance are the future of minimally invasive surgery and will lead to revolutionary treatment!

Surgical Data Science

The collection & analysis of surgical data from procedures is essential! By applying AI techniques on these data, we generate surgical skill parameters in an effort to assist both students and proctors to better understand their performance. Analysis of these data gives us valuable insights in teaching methods & creates opportunities to learn and to continue to improve the quality of care.

Did you know we have our own 3D printer that is used on a daily basis to produce training models & tools for our hands-on training?

3D modelling put into practice

  • 3D modelling - augmented reality
    A simulation of a complex surgical procedure, allows the surgeon to work more precisely and efficiently. With a little help of augmented reality and display integration, the surgeon can see the overlay through the robot and see exactly where to find the tumor and knows where to cut.
  • 3D-printed models
    A urologist might create an exact replica of a patient's kidney to help plan a surgery. In this case, the surgeon is using 3D printing to make a product that specifically match the patient's anatomy.

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