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Orsi Academy

Orsi Academy co-host of Vattikuti's Int. Symposium on robotic surgery

Orsi Academy co-host of Vattikuti’s International Symposium on Robotic Surgery


  • Orsi Academy welcomed more than 100 robotic surgeons from 14 different countries to "Humans at the Cutting Edge of Robotic Surgery" on Saturday, Oct. 7. 

  • This annual congress, organized by the Vattikuti Foundation, took place for the first time in Belgium, at Orsi Academy.

  • 2 papers of the Orsi Innotech team made it to the best top 10 with their research on A.I. & A.R. in robotic surgery.

Vattikuti Foundation Symposium VR brillen
Vattikuti Foundation Symposium

100 robotic surgeons from 14 countries

The 3-day symposium with speakers & participants from 14 countries focused on evidence-based procedures in the ever-growing field of robotic surgery.

This distinguished symposium brought together leading surgeons from globally recognized healthcare institutions, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai and Stanford offering a multi-disciplinary discussion. Orsi experts such as Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie & Dr. Pieter De Backer led sessions on surgical training, new robotic systems & AI applications in robotic surgery.

Award-winning papers of Orsi Innotech

As part of the symposium, surgeons were invited to submit high-quality, robotic surgery entries for the KS International Innovation Robotic Surgery Awards 2023. After a rigorous judging process, the top ten finalists were selected and had a chance to win a cash prize. Proud to announce that 2 papers of the Orsi Innotech team made it to the best top 10 with their research on the application of augmented reality and artificial intelligence in robotic surgery.

This global competition reflected a 60% increase in participation over 2022 with 141 submissions that met the requirements to be judged. Multiple new forms of technology were introduced in this year’s competition such as 3D modelling, AI, new robotic platforms and innovative training technologies. 

Partnership Vattikuti Foundation & Orsi Academy 

US-based Vattikuti Foundation & Orsi Academy are both committed to supporting the advancements of robotic surgery to improve patient outcomes. 

Orsi Academy remains committed to science-based training and education in robotic surgery and was therefore the ideal partner for this year’s event.

In honour of one of our founding partners, Orsi Academy announced that the auditorium has been renamed the ‘Raj and Padma Vattikuti Auditorium’.

The Vattikuti Foundation is…

…a non-profit organization founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Raj Vattikuti and his wife Padma Vattikuti in 1997. The organization is dedicated to facilitating medical & surgical advancement, education & humanitarian relief and social empowerment initiatives.

Vattikuti Foundation Faculty