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Orsi Academy

Orsi gets on #BOARD21

Orsi Academy joins Get On #BOARD21! Orsi's veterinarians did a special Q&A about our laboratory animals & other training models.


Today is Be Open About Animal Research Day initiated by the European Animal Research Association.

Check out how we have been communicating about animal research and learn from our veterinarians Eva Vanderstraeten & Marieke François about our laboratory animals. We proudly signed the Belgian Transparency Agreement because we are committed to openness about animal research. 

Orsi Academy has a team of veterinarians and animal caretakers providing guidance during training programs on anesthetized porcine models. We attache great importance to the general principles, requirements and responsibilities relating to animal welfare. Orsi’s veterinarians Eva & Marieke give chapter and verse about the 3R's & the challenges when speaking about animal research.