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Our expert's key takeaways of the EAU congress 2022


Our expert's key takeaways of the EAU congress 2022

The congress is over! Thanks to everyone who joined us and big thank you to the European Association of Urology for the splendid organisation and for uniting us again for some cutting-edge science at Europe's largest urology congress #EAU22

After leading panels, participating in case discussions and debates & presenting cutting-edge scientific work, our expert's gathered their take-home messages!

Group picture EAU22

A lot of new surgical robotic systems are coming our way!

Anthony Gallagher on EAU22 congress


Let's start by stating the obvious: a lot of new surgical robotic systems are coming our way!

Prof. Dr. Anthony Gallagher, our Director of Research & Skills Development, is willing to anticipate on future training needs.


"The surgical community is acutely aware that surgeons need to be properly trained to use new surgical devices. Proficiency-based progression (PBP) looks like the best candidate to meet the criteria of 'properly'. The science is underpinning this approach is compelling. Also, Orsi Academy has the best quantitative understanding of this new approach to training and has strong evidence about its effectiveness and efficiency as a training paradigm. Orsi Academy also has data that clearly demonstrates that the effectiveness and efficiency of PBP training are reduced as the PBP training method is diluted."


Well excecuted, it will truly make robotic surgical education better, safer, cheaper and provide real benefits to patient outcome.


What about artificial intelligence?

Adding the AI integrations, Dr. Pieter De Backer underlines that this will heavily impact our surgical future and beyond.


"Unity makes strenght, especially in AI, making the future of urology even more bright and fascinating."


Next to all cutting-edge presentations, nothing beats face-to-face meetings with experts, colleagues and friends. After 3 years of virtual meetings, it is clear that collaboration is of true value for EAU22.

New era

One thing is for sure: we are entering a new era for urological surgery. An era of RAPN & RARP full of robotic innovations and bites & bytes.

Where to next? See you next year in Milan at #EAU23! Arrivederci!

Pieter De Backer op EAU22 congress
Paulo Dell'Oglio Award Winner on EAU22

Last but not least, congratulations to Dr. Paulo Dell'Oglio, former clinical fellow of Orsi Academy, for receiving the Best Scientific Paper European Urology Robotic Surgery. Proud of his accomplishments!







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