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Orsi Academy

Siemens Healthineers & Orsi Academy

Siemens Healthineers & Orsi Academy

A partnership with a heart for innovation in minimal invasive surgery.

A talk between Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie & Kashif Ikram. A conversation driven by the mutual passion for medical innovation & progress. They discuss the history leading up to the establishment of Orsi Academy, the benefits of different kind of methods, tools & techniques and last but not least the future of robotic surgery.


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[Interview in English with Dutch subtitles.]

For me, it's absolutely no longer acceptable to use a human body as a training object. We can now mimic the whole training in an institution like Orsi Academy. - Prof. Alex Mottrie

Kashif Ikram - Head of Corindus Vascular Robotics EMEA at Siemens Healthineers

Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie - CEO of Orsi Academy