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Orsi & OLV Hospital Aalst made history during EAU24


Orsi & OLV Hospital Aalst made history during EAU24


Last weekend, world-renowned urologists from OLV Hospital Aalst in collaboration with Orsi Academy made history during a live surgery for > 3000 viewers. The surgeons used AI-assisted Augmented Reality and anonymization technology as developed by Orsi Innotech to guide robot-assisted surgery.


EAU24 live surgery 3

EAU24, the annual congress of the European Association of Urology took place from April 5 till 8 in Paris. On Saturday, robot-assisted surgeries were performed and internationally livestreamed, all of which used AI technology developed by Orsi Innotech:

  • Dr. Ruben De Groote performed a RAPN with a Hugo RAS system (Medtronic), demonstrating realtime AI-powered anonymization technology for privacy-proof live surgery streaming.


  • Following this, Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie showcased advancements in RARP with a da Vinci system (Intuitive) again employing AI-powered anonymization technology to enhance patient care and privacy. Furthermore, through the live use of the Histolog® scanner, a digital scanner by SamanTree, it was instantly confirmed that all cancer cells were successfully removed. This novel technology is broadcasted for the first time worldwide and confirms OLV Hospital as one of prime innovative urological centers worldwide.


  • In February 2023, Dr. Ruben De Groote (OLV Hospital Aalst) was the first to conduct a robot-assisted surgery with da Vinci system (Intuitive) in which a kidney tumor was removed with the help of augmented reality, allowing the surgeon to see more clearly the patient's vascular and tissue structures.


All of these procedures were supported by a team of engineers of Orsi Innotech, led by Orsi's Surgical AI Lead Dr. Ir. Pieter De Backer.

In short, groundbreaking achievements due to fantastic teamwork with surgeons, hospitals, engineers and industrial and academic partners!

EAU24 live surgery 2